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QRA 16th November 2016

On the 16th of November 2016 report were coming through that the Royal Norwegian Air Force had scrambled QRA F-16s from Bodo for eight contacts in the Norwegian area of intrest.

1945z: Russian strategic HF active with very clear voice traffic heard in western Europe.

RUAF callsigns: 72151, 72152, 72153, 28455, 28456 and 28457
RF-94127 / 11 Tu-95MS
RF-????? Tu-95MS
RF-????? Tu-95MS
RF-????? IL-78 Midas
RF-????? IL-78 Midas
RF-????? IL-78 Midas
Escorted by two unspecified interceptor or fighter aircraft.

2015z: QRA RAF Voyarger MRTT ZZ333 callsign 'Seven Zulu November Six Zero' (7ZN60) departed RAF Brize Norton with the usual tanker NATO policing squawk of 1321. After departure it routed up the west coast of the UK and as it crossed abeam the town of Keswick it routed direct to Lossiemouth.

7ZN60 climbed initially to FL200 then climbed further to FL220 just south of Edinburgh and reached overhead Lossiemouth at 2126z, then descended to FL190.

2130z: QRA North was scrambled with two Typhoons, callsigns 'India Four Foxtrot Zero One' (I4F01) and 'India Four Foxtrot Zero Two' (I4F02)
I4F01 - ZK323 / C
I4F02 - ZK345 / EP

2245z: Danish QRA F-16s airborne

2309z (Approx): At least two Russian Air Force Tu-95MS Bear H intercepted off the north west coast of the Outer Hebradies at FL240 while enroute to the Mediterranean loaded with ALCMs.

2319z: I4F02 joins 7ZN60 to take on fuel while I4F01 is with the bomber group.

0005z: 7ZN60 was tasked to RTB.

At least 1 Portuguese AF QRA F-16 15117 callsign BULLET21 was also scrambled.
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